Yangtze Railroad Materials

500 N. North Point Road
Rosedale, MD 21237
About Yangtze Railroad Materials:

Yangtze Railroad Materials has specialized in supplying quality fasteners and fastening solutions since 1989. Yangtze has successfully developed into an innovative and vertically integrated company that has proudly defined itself by meeting its customers’ needs.

Our typical customer places larger orders manufactured upon receipt of the purchase order. We also warehouse over 110,000 sq. ft. of standard fasteners and castings as well as parts for specific customers.

Yangtze has developed the new material for joint bars and has also finished all test procedures. Yangtze’s high crack-resistant joint bars are designed to improve mechanical properties and fatigue life.

Based on the test results, Yangtze’s high crack resistant joint bars are able to retain high-intensity, tough, durable and display the best mechanical properties under regular temperature, extremely low temperatures, and all weather conditions.

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