Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics

715 Railroad Ave.
Rutherfordton, NC 28139
About Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics:

At Trelleborg, our eyes are on tomorrow as our in-house expert technical teams work in partnership with an increasing range of customers to bring industry-changing ideas to fruition – whether it’s your concept or ours.

Our coated material solutions are engineered for specific, highly-demanding applications.

Trelleborg utilizes the latest coating, lamination, and hot melt technologies to achieve multiple material performance objectives simultaneously.

In recent years, Trelleborg has carried out several major investments and structural improvements in the area of engineered coated fabrics and has recognized rubber-coated product brands, such as Fairprene® and product brands formerly known as Reeves Brothers, Uretek and Archer Rubber.

By combining advances in materials science and our ever-expanding capabilities, we’re coating tomorrow’s innovations.

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