Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

4717 Hammersley Road
Madison, WI 53711
About Sub-Zero Group, Inc.:

Wolf, the cooking specialist, distills eight decades of professional cooking into control so precise, delicious results are practically ensured. Sub-Zero, the food preservation specialist, continues to pioneer technology that keeps food fresher longer. When it comes to design, workmanship, and customer care, these two specialists are of one mind. As family-owned companies, Sub-Zero and Wolf go to exceptional lengths to help you enjoy your customer experience. We operate our own manufacturing facilities in the U.S., build our products with premium-grade materials, and test them to ensure that they’ll serve your household not just for years but for decades.

Products and Services of Sub-Zero Group, Inc.:
  • Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Accessory Doors and Drawers
  • Side Burner Cooktop Modules
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