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Redwood City, CA 94063
About Shopkick:

For millions of users, Shopkick creates a fun and easy shopping experience that is fueled by “kicks” (our own currency) that reward shoppers throughout their shopping journey. For brands and retailers, Shopkick drives meaningful engagement along the entire path to purchase. Our unique pay per performance model has been proven to deliver high ROI, driving awareness, foot traffic, product engagement at shelf, and sales. Unlike competing shopping apps, Shopkick influences incremental behaviors and drives sales using rewards rather than margin-busting coupons or discounts that dilute brand equity. And rather than solely rewarding users for the act of purchase, Shopkick awards kicks across the full-funnel purchase journey.

Products and Services of Shopkick:
  • DealSpot - get the best deals and sales while shopping
  • Coolist for the Holidays - Share your list with friends and family!
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