Results Heat Transfer Vinyl

71 Worthern Place
Tewksbury, MA 01876
About Results Heat Transfer Vinyl:

Results Heat Transfer Vinyl Inc® produces “Results® which is “THE Next Generation Heat Transfer Vinyl Film”. A perfect decorating solution for all types of fabrics, especially for performance sportswear and clothing worn by many professional sports teams. We keep fabric decoration simple, affordable and fun.

All our films are easy to cut, weed and heat apply at a low temperature of 300°F or less. Every film can be multi-layered with one another. Many films can be cut with a laser, and all our films are durable and safe for everyone to wear.

Full color photo quality images and logos. Our Platinum Print Series is the answer. Nylons, Spandex, Cottons, Dye Blocking, moisture wicking polyesters and more. We have you covered.

Our performance on fabric, comfort, look and durability are fantastic. Try any of our Results® vinyl film products just once. You will be amazingly surprised how nice they are.

Simple to Purchase.

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