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220 4th St.
Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94607
About Recognize Services Inc:

Recognize is an international employee recognition and rewards program. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous new features around integration into business tools, such as Outlook or Workday, customizations to our fit customer's needs, while maintaining low costs.

RECOGNIZE is an employee recognition and rewards platform with full integrations to: Yammer, Slack, Jira, Sharepoint & Office365. Fully mobile and SMS capable.

Why add social employee recognition & awards to your company:

-Reduce employee turnover
-Manager to employee recognition creates an all-for-one culture.
-Increase productivity
-Focus staff on core values through customizable recognition
badges, flexible rewards, and one-click certificates.
-Increase profits
-Create sales and customer service competitions through leaderboards,
badges, and points. Staff will have more fun and work harder.
-Revitalize the organization
-Staff that use Recognize send 2x to 8x more recognitions.
-Sending and receiving thanks in a social way to improve morale.

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Clients of Recognize Services Inc:
  • Goodwill
  • BBB
  • CBRE
  • Kerrygold
  • Swire
  • United Sites Services
  • DTLR
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