PhotoScribe Technologies Inc.

300 Frank W. Burr Blvd
Suite 56
Glenpointe East
Teaneck, NJ 07666
About PhotoScribe Technologies Inc.:

PhotoScribe Technologies is a Photonics company that designs, builds, installs and services turn-key laser systems primarily for direct part micro-marking and micro-machining applications. PhotoScribe also offers consulting, research and product development capabilities in the areas of laser micro marking, Microscopy, development of machine vision application for the use in micro-structure analysis and expert system, using artificial intelligence, neural networks and optical micro tomography.
PhotoScribe is headquartered in New York, NY USA with offices in Minneapolis, MN USA and manufacturing in both the United States and Germany.
PhotoScribe is the world's leading prime manufacturer of excimer laser systems for micro-marking / micro-machining. PhotoScribe’s excimer lasers are used to mark variety substrates across a range of industries around the world.

Products and Services of PhotoScribe Technologies Inc.:
  • Direct Part Marking
  • Laser Systems
  • Consulting Services
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