Pan America Environmental, Inc.

6007 S Railroad St
Burlington, WI 53105
About Pan America Environmental, Inc.:

Pan America Environmental, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures a wide variety of innovative industrial wastewater treatment systems to serve many industries and markets. Our designs are continuously reviewed and upgraded to implement our new ideas.

Pan America Environmental experience encompasses simple, single step applications to complex, multi-stage, multi-chemical reaction process installations with PLC driven control, fluid/solids handling sub-systems, sludge dewatering processes, chemical makeup and precision metering systems.

We offer continuous flow and batch chemical reaction systems, multi-stage-process reaction systems, pH adjustment, pH neutralization, dissolved air flotation, induced air flotation, slant plate clarifiers, inclined plate clarifiers (lamella clarifier), AQAM media filters, organoclay filtration, carbon filters, oil water separators, API separators, CPI separators, TPI separators, coalescing media and media packs, slant rib coalescers, emulsion breaking systems, car wash water treatment systems, wash water recycling systems, EnBio biological treatment and recycling systems, BOWTS bilge oily water treatment systems, groundwater remediation systems, control panels, pumping systems.

Our Slant Plate Clarifier plate packs, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and recycle saturation systems are offered for drinking water and municipal installations with pre-existing or new facilities requiring the latest in settling and flotation design to increase throughput and performance.

Custom, specialized systems are offered and designed for any particular facility, application and customer needs are regularly provided. Customization and specialized system packages are 80% of our daily business and we can find many ways to incorporate inventive solutions to current needs.

We provide equipment based on specific application criteria unique to your project in order to tailor the system sizing and configuration to your facility and site needs.

Pan America Environmental designs high quality systems and provides high quality industrial components from supportive manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the best performance, lowest maintenance/down time requirements, fast reaction parts replacement and problem solving with excellent equipment life span and ROI.

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