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About My Secure Advantage:

MSA (My Secure Advantage) believes everyone deserves a life free from financial stress. MSA members are empowered to take charge of their financial futures, learn healthy financial habits, and achieve lasting financial wellness.

Providing world-class services to over 75% of the Fortune 100 and over 50% of the Fortune 500, MSA financial wellness programs combine highly-personalized 1:1 money coaching with a robust digital platform of tools and education events that inspire healthy, long-term financial habits.

Caring, dedicated and professional, our Money Coaches are certified financial experts who have completed over 1.3 million consultations, average 22+ years of experience, and include designations such as CFP® Professionals, Certified Public Accountants, and Accredited Financial Counselors. Coaches help members make behavioral changes to reach financial goals and improve their quality of life.

For employers and sponsors, MSA provides the best overall value with life-changing outcomes for members that also improve work productivity. The average employee working with a Money Coach makes the following improvements:
6% increase of salary contributions to retirement program
50+ point increase in their credit score
$6,000+ decrease in unsecured debt
$800+ increase in monthly cash flow
40% improvement in how often financial stress impacts their physical health

Our personalized approach includes utilization reporting, customized registration pages, account management, promotional resources, on-site class education, web-based webinar broadcasts, and product configuration to work within every budget.

Integration: Our platform quickly and easily integrates with your corporate benefit offerings and is configurable for existing wellness platforms.
Security: We meet healthcare and Soc2 standards.
Privacy: As a privately held company, we have no hidden agendas. We do not sell or share employee data, ever.
Trust: MSA prides itself on transparency and unbiased coaching with no sales to employees.

Ready to be a company hero? Together, let's inspire employees to be their financial best! Schedule a demo to learn about our features, outcomes, and proven process.

Products and Services of My Secure Advantage:
  • My Secure Advantage Financial Wellness Program
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