Metis Secure Solutions

120 Pennsylvania Avenue
Oakmont, PA 15139
About Metis Secure Solutions:

Metis Secure Solutions delivers breakthrough emergency notification that strengthens existing mass notification systems by filling critical security gaps to assure everyone gets notified in an emergency.

Our triple-redundant communications network, comprehensive command center and rapid two-way communications allow security personnel to gather accurate information and notify people and responders with specific instructions within seconds – the fastest time in the business.

Strategically located throughout a facility, Metis Secure devices use layered notification — alerting with lights and a siren, instructing with voice and digital text, and receiving Requests for Help from anyone in need. The Command Center serves as a dashboard to provide real-time intelligence of the Metis Secure system or an integrated system including mass notification, IP phones, video surveillance, access control, sirens and digital signage.

Products and Services of Metis Secure Solutions:
  • MS-5100 Alerting Device
  • MS-6100 Emergency Help Station
  • MS-6100 Emergency Help Station
  • Command Center Software

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