Lattice Engines

1825 South Grant Street
Suite 510
San Mateo, CA 94402
About Lattice Engines:

Lattice is revolutionizing sales and marketing through the power of Big Data. Our Big Data for Sales platform, salesPRISM, delivers real-time, predictive and actionable insight to sales and marketing professionals wherever they are so they can engage the most receptive customers in the most compelling ways. Fortune 5000 companies such as Staples, Dell, EMC and SunTrust rely on Lattice to generate 75 percent more pipeline, triple conversion rates, and double win rates.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is the application of predictive analytics to extract deep, real-time insight about customer needs and behavior. salesPRISM Big Data analytics platform makes it possible for inside and field sales people to ground their everyday actions (i.e., who should I call, what should I say) based on data-driven evidence.

Hundreds of thousands of sales professionals worldwide have already become A players. It’s now time for you to save time and sell more. Close more deals and meet your quotas every time by using salesPRISM from Lattice.

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