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Employers want solutions to retain parents in their workforce, and employees need support as they return to work after welcoming a new baby. From family and friends, to community and coworkers, many find their “kin” in all kinds of places. That’s why we created Kin, a customizable parental and lactation support benefit that brings best-in-class products, technology, and resources specifically designed for new parents.

Kin is a customizable, single-source solution. Our program delivers:
• Top-of-the-line Medela products: hospital-grade pumps, or personal-use pumps, and lactation essentials to make pumping faster and easier.
• Easy-to-place Mamava lactation suites to pump in: a plug-and-play space solution that gives employees the comfortable, dignified space they deserve.
• 24/7 Virtual Support: in-the-moment access to experts, including registered nurses and lactation consultants, from pregnancy through baby’s first year.
• Trusted Medela educational resources: from Medela Family to Breastfeeding University, we help parents feel supported and empowered in their breastfeeding journey.
• Breast milk shipping for traveling employees: alleviate parents’ worries about how they can feed their baby while on the road.
• Exciting engagement tools: a beautifully packaged gift box incentivizes new parents to enroll in the program and provides information on the benefits available to them; plus a tailored, client-specific email series is deployed in a timely way to remind parents to use their benefits

Kin is unlike any other parental and lactation support program in the market today. Created through a partnership between Medela and Mamava, Kin offers a comprehensive solution with a customizable bundle of benefits for new parents. Our single-source solution saves HR departments time by allowing them to work with one vendor, avoiding the hassle of multiple contacts. Easy-to-implement services, delivered by experts in the field, help take the burden off the employer. Our brand recognition ensures that parents know immediately this program is coming to them from experts they trust. Kin is scalable and designed to be custom-built for each employer, delivering benefits when and how they need it. Finally, our pricing model is case-rate, so employers only pay for what their employees actually use.

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