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IPTECHVIEW is a partner centric cloud video surveillance platform that also includes remote central management.

The end user video Interface is designed for simplicity to be used with no to minimum training. The system operates server-less and be secure with all transmission and video storage encrypted.

It harnesses the power of smart cameras and in-camera edge analytics & AI and supports in-camera and cloud analytics to identify patterns that you could otherwise not see. IPTECHVIEW is built for the future. The same system can grow form video only to also support access control and IoT environmental sensors.

Single Sign-On makes Surveillance accessible to everyone that needs it. 2FA makes it secure. BYOF makes anywhere, anytime access on the devices of choice for all your stakeholders a reality.

Personalize access to provide the exact alerts, visibility, analytics, and control required by each user role.

Effective visibility protects your people and your important assets.

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  • ABP Technology Inc
  • Konica Minolta
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