Global Relay Communications, Inc.

410 Park Avenue
15th Floor
New York, NY 10022
About Global Relay Communications, Inc.:

Founded in 1999, Global Relay is the leading provider of hosted Message Archiving and Continuity services. Global Relay's Message Archiver and Compliance Reviewer offer affordable, enterprise-class message archiving and monitoring solutions to securely store email (Exchange, Notes, Unix, GroupWise) and instant messages (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Blackberry, Bloomberg, Reuters, Jabber, LCS, GoogleTalk) for regulatory compliance, audits and legal eDiscovery. Built on an 8 year reputation of customer service, security and compliance excellence, Global Relay's Message Archiver is used by over 2,000 firms, including Fortune 10, broker-dealers, investment advisors, hedge funds, global multinationals, banks and the Chicago Stock Exchange. Global Relay's Hosted Messaging Services include the Message Archiver, the Compliance Reviewer, Bloomberg Converter, Email Continuity, IM Interpreter, Email Filtering & Security. Global Relay has a strategic partnership network throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Partnerships include Reuters, IBM, Apptix, Mi8,, Intermedia, Bell Canada, Allstream, Rackspace and Siemens Solution1.

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