Cann Drying Systems LLC

12 Stevens Road
Brewer, ME 04412
About Cann Drying Systems LLC:

Cann Drying Systems was founded specifically to develop drying and curing equipment for the legal Cannabis and Hemp industries. Designed for the largest in the world to relatively small grows, we specialize in providing our customers with all of the necessary equipment to optimize their existing drying rooms or equip a new facility from scratch.

We are a subsidiary of Nyle Systems, a U.S. manufacturing company in Brewer, Maine, with a 40+ year track record of building drying equipment focused on three core markets; Lumber Drying, Food Drying, and Heat Pump Water Heating. At its core is a deep understanding of Heat Pumps and Dehumidifiers, which has been translated into a distinctive leadership position for Cann Drying Systems in the Cannabis and Hemp markets.

Our headquarters are located in a 56,000 sq ft facility in Brewer, Maine, that houses our sales and marketing teams, engineering staff, and manufacturing space. All our equipment is made right here in the USA. Cann Systems applies innovative design and lean manufacturing principles to remain at the forefront of industrial drying solutions.

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