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Harness the power of AI to build successful, equitable teams with Cangrade. Cangrade’s data-driven approach to hiring is up to 10x more accurate than any other method. Our Pre-Hire Solutions leverage the power of AI and our cutting-edge Pre-Hire Assessment to provide instant and unbiased predictions of your next superstar hires. This AI technology then generates targeted Structured Interview Guides and Video Interviews based on candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment results.

For complete control over your Talent Management lifecycle, our Post-Hire Solutions will measure Workforce Engagement, enable remote onboarding and upskilling, and identify the right fit for promotions and team placement.

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  • Wayfair
  • FDNY
  • Applied Industrial Technologies
  • JBS
  • Unum
  • DSC Logistics
  • SMASHotels
  • Big Sandy Superstore
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