B2B Soft

255 52nd Street
New York, NY 10004
About B2B Soft:

Wireless Standard is the base product of BTB Soft, built on a commercially secure and stable client-server model. Created by wireless and cellular POS software professionals with extensive experience, Wireless Standard POS software was developed on the most advanced and reliable platform available - Microsoft's .NETâ„¢ enterprise-level technology. At BTB Soft, our primary goal is to help our clients succeed in business. Cellular POS software by BTB SOFT allows our clients to access their business data from any computer: at home, office or anywhere in the world real-time. Our company provides complete business class services including daily backups, hosting and database maintenance. At BTBSoft, our customers give us the greatest motivation to create highly usable products. Through those close relationships, we are always connected to our customers' most important needs.

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