Allureglow USA, LLC

9450 7th Street
Unit H
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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Allureglow USA is a Leading US Manufacturer, offering the Largest Selection of Glow in the Dark, Reflective and Specialty Screen Printing Inks, the Industry has to offer. Our HS Series (High Solids Acrylic Waterbased) Photoluminescent (Glow in the Dark) and Reflective Screen Printing Inks are Nike Tested and Approved. Our PS Series (Phthalate Free Plastsiol) offer ease of use and have a very soft hand for a Plastisol Inks. Both the HS & PS Series are both Available In 15 Awesome Glow in the Dark Colors and 11 Reflective Colors. The Allureglow USA Screen Printing Inks are not to be confused with any of the Novelty Grade Inks many of our competitors offer.

Allureglow USA also offers the Finest in Photoluminescent and Fluorescent Pigments and Color Concentrates to make your own Inks, Paints or Coatings.

Check out all our Products at: and "Don't be left in the Dark"

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