4040 MacArthur Boulevard
Suite 210
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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Building healthy workplaces and happy employees, AccessElite is the first total well-being platform delivering comprehensive
physical, mental, social and emotional support, wherever your team might be. We offer more than just a well-being plan, we’re an organization that builds vibrant, engaged workplace communities. Our programs are designed to meet the health and wellness needs of every employee with comprehensive offerings spanning mental health, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, personal development, team building activities, culture and DE&I.

Right now times are unprecedented, workforce norms are continuously changing, and human connection is at an all time low. Now is the time for companies to evolve how they support their employees, reduce burnout and ensure happy people and a connected culture. AccessElite is your one-stop shop solution!
Here are some of the various challenges we've helped companies persevere through!

-Isolation and Mental Health Support Due to Remote Working
-Increased Engagement in Fitness and Wellness Classes For The Mind, Body, and Spirit
-Unique and Highly Interactive Team Bonding to Connect Their Teams In a Meaningful Way
-Parental Support For Distance Learning and Home Schooling
-Diversity, Inclusion, and Personal Development Courses
-And Much More!

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