5G Automatika Ltd.

203 Colonnade Road
Suite 202
Ottawa, ON K2E 7K3
About 5G Automatika Ltd.:

We specialize in providing smart manufacturing solutions.

Our expertise has been in embodying 5th Generation (5G) computing technologies in our solutions, such as, Artificial Intelligence based autonomous computing and machine learning - to achieve continuous improvement in manufacturing performance excellence.

For the last 20 years, Fortune 500 brands and small/medium manufacturers across 14 countries have trusted 5G’s suite of smart manufacturing solutions to digitally transform their operations.

Furthermore, 5G has a sterling track record of incorporating world class product design and engineering practices in the development of software and digital solutions for global companies.

We have offices in Canada (HQ), India, Mexico & the U.S..

Products and Services of 5G Automatika Ltd.:
Clients of 5G Automatika Ltd.:
  • Water & Wastewater Utilities, UK & USA
  • Top Global Food & Beverage Brands
  • Large Power Plants, Middle East
  • Mining Company, South America
  • Global Personal Care Leader
  • 2 of the Top 5 Auto OEMs
  • Leading Tractor OEM
  • Railway Coach Manufacturer
  • Global IT Leader
  • 120+ Small & Medium Auto Parts Suppliers
  • Top Aerospace OEM
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