Ushio America, Inc.

5440 Cerritos Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630-4567
About Ushio America, Inc.:

USHIO America, Inc. specializes in Quartz Halogen and Special Gas Discharge lamp technology. We manufacture and distribute a broad range of Halogen, Xenon, EmArc® Enhanced Metal Arc, Metal Halide, Mercury, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Specialty PAR, Sodium, Quartz-Infrared Heater, Miniature and Subminiature lamps.

These light sources are provided to a variety of industries such as architectural, audio-visual, photographic, stage, studio, theatre, television, semiconductor, printed circuit, video, graphic arts, flashlight, scientific, medical, dental, ophthalmic, automotive, aviation and marine.

Products and Services of Ushio America, Inc.:
  • Utopia™ LED Candle and Globe
  • Uphoria™ LED Reflector R20, R30, R40
  • PRO-PANEL™ LED Softlight Fixture
  • Uphoria™ LED MR-16 SERIES

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