Urban Science

200 Renaissance Center
18th Floor
18th Floor
Detroit, MI 48243-1300
About Urban Science:

Urban Science helps companies evaluate, structure and manage their retail sales channels to achieve critical competitive, cost and customer-relationship advantages. Sophisticated data analytics, experience-based strategic insight and advanced scenario planning tools are applied to build end-to-end sales channel solutions. Turning raw data into powerful, highly-actionable information is a key strength. Urban Science was founded in 1977 by James A. Anderson, a civil engineer working at the Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Anderson pioneered a number of innovative computer-generated mapping solutions, including a software program that enabled General Motors' Cadillac Motor Division to electronically map luxury car buyers in its Chicago market. Today, Urban Science is a global consulting firm with offices in nine countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The company puts proven methodologies and internally-developed software tools to work to increase the efficiency of retail networks, improve the performance of retail locations, and target customers more effectively.

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