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Gifting is one of the oldest traditions of humankind. But its rich history got lost in the professional world. Gifting has become more like a transaction—think gift cards, monetary bonuses, bulk gift buying.

It’s not like when you were young, and someone gave you a gift. Your imagination swirled. It was never really about what’s inside the box, but that moment of pure wonder before the reveal. It brought a smile to your face. And that, was delight.

We believe that feeling should exist in every workplace. Because even though we left childhood magic behind, the spirit of gift giving can live on today in the places that need it most. From a job well done to just a moment of fun, sharing delight with others is simpler than you think.

Our joy comes from making others happy!

Snappy was started out of a determination to connect people with the power of gratitude, and our vision to bring more joy to the world through giving hasn’t changed one bit. As a team, this is the connection we all share. From our New York headquarters to our Tel Aviv and United Kingdom offices, you can find us in the places where happiness works.

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