Plasma-Tec, Inc.

1119 Morren Court
Moline, MI 49348
About Plasma-Tec, Inc.:

Located in West Michigan, Plasma-Tec manufactures and thermal spray coats precision machined and ground components for various OEM industries, with a niche in high wear applications such as pump components. We are experts in precision machining, turning and grinding as well as wear-resistant and anti-corrosive hard surfacing using processes such as: plasma, combustion, spray & fuse, high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF), twin wire arc and Rokide spraying.

Products and Services of Plasma-Tec, Inc.:
  • Plasma Spray
  • Combustion or Spray & Fuse
  • Rokide Spray
  • Coatings We Apply
Clients of Plasma-Tec, Inc.:
  • Pump OEMs
  • Rotating Equipment OEMs
  • Wear & Corrosion Components
  • Oilfield Pipe Drifts

Plasma-Tec, Inc. is listed under:

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