5360 Legacy Drive
STE 180
STE 180
Plano, TX 75024
About Leadr:

At Leadr, we help leaders engage and grow their teams in three key areas. Leadership Development, so you can develop leaders at every level of your organization, Core HR, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with your people, and Health Care, so you can better care for your teams and their families.

The Problem:
Existing people management solutions are static and cumbersome, built for compliance, rather than employee development.

How We Help:
Leadr helps every manager become a coach, leading to consistent, whole employee growth, all managed within one simple and intuitive place.

What You Can Expect:
Healthy leaders creating healthy teams. Growth at every level of your organization.

Products and Services of Leadr:
Clients of Leadr:
  • FritoLay
  • Connexus Church
  • Carolina Industrial Products
  • AnyDay Dental
  • Africa New Life
  • Menlo.Church
  • Children's Educational Services
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