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About Knoetic:

Knoetic is the all-in-one people analytics platform built with over 1,000 Chief People Officers. Get insights from our people analytics software and world-class community of top Chief People Officers and CHROs in a single easy-to-use product.

Our clients transform their organizations, supercharge their people ops teams, and democratize people ops data throughout their org.

By aggregating data across the disparate HR tech stack into an intuitive easy-to-use platform, our clients have comprehensive insights into their organization at the snap of their fingers (without the need for an analyst or data team) so they can understand the forces impacting their workforce and empower functional leaders with people ops data.

When evaluating attrition, our clients are able to analyze performance, engagement, comp, tenure, and demographic data alongside each other, filtering by any team, department, location, or any subset they need to be able to identify the cofactors of attrition. We provide workforce, attrition, DEI, compensation, and recruiting metrics so you can increase efficiency and enhance equity in every corner of your business.

The power of people analytics is just beginning. At Knoetic, we are thrilled to work alongside our clients to help them discover new insights which can guide their people ops initiatives, support their company growth, and lead to happier people ops teams!

CPOHQ is the #1 Place for Chief People Officers to learn from each other.

Building an analytics tool that gives you data and numbers is only half the equation. “A Chief People Officer needs to have more than data and metrics on their own company — they need to know what’s happening outside of their four walls. What are the top companies in our industry doing? What’s the best practice? Who’s built the best playbook for this? Those are questions you can only answer by bringing experts together. That’s where the community comes in,”.

Together, our analytics platform + our community, provide full empowerment to CPO/CHROs, their teams, and organizations at large.

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