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Southwest Antennas:New Dual-Band Sector Antennas for Multi-Band MIMO and MANET Communication Networksposted on 08/04/20
Digi-Key Corporation:Digi-Key Electronics Launches Marketplace Initiative for U.S. Customersposted on 08/04/20
Generac Power Systems, Inc.:New Generac 24kW Generator Powers More, Costs Thousands Lessposted on 08/03/20
Tegam, Inc.:TEGAM, Inc Announces Temperature Calibrators for SAE AMS2750F Pyrometryposted on 07/28/20
Chroma Systems Solutions:New 15KW Grid Simulators for Micro Inverter Testing from Chromaposted on 07/27/20
Aviat Networks:Aviat Networks Launches New Hosted Offering for Interference Analysis on Microwave Spectrumposted on 07/23/20
DRS Signal Solutions:Leonardo DRS Announces $80,000 Donation to American Red Cross for COVID-19 Relief Effortsposted on 07/23/20
Maxim Integrated:Maxim Integrated Monitors Bovine Respiratory Disease Via Cow Ear Tagsposted on 07/23/20
Ripley Company:New ODMĀ® Fiber Optic Inspection Scope Combines Wi-Fi Functionality With Ergonomic Designposted on 07/07/20
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