Cadence, Inc.

9 Technology Drive
Staunton, VA 24401
About Cadence, Inc.:

Cadence, Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced products, technologies and services to medical, life science, and industrial companies worldwide. Cadence manufactures the critical elements of the most complex systems in the world, enabling better performance and improving outcomes.

Our partners choose us for:

• Critical components - with a focus on the “business end” of the product. This is where the real work gets done.
• Complex sub-assemblies - leading the market in precision joining technologies, such as laser welding and overmolding.
• Complete products - providing full service, including clean room assembly, packaging, and sterilization.

Products and Services of Cadence, Inc.:
  • Surgical Devices - Finished Medical Devices
  • Surgical Devices - Complex Sub-assemblies
  • Medical Component Machining
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