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About 3DT LLC:

3DT manufactures corona and plasma surface treatment systems designed to solve adhesion problems by increasing the surface tension on substrates and, thereby, greatly improving bonding for your printing, coating, laminating, adhesion and micro cleaning applications.

3DT’s standard and custom systems treat many materials including an array of plastics, composites, rubber, glass, metal, paper, and foam. Our technology performs exceedingly well on injection, blow molded, vacuum formed and extruded 3D parts.

3DT's systems can be incorporated into existing or new production lines, supplied as semi to fully automated systems or as stand-alone workstations. We provide single-source design, manufacture, installation and service - made in the USA.

3DT represents AFS and SOFTAL, film/web corona, plasma and perforation experts; German engineering, with states-side sales and service.

Building upon 25+ years of experience, 3DT offers a complete line of surface treatment equipment.

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ICE USA 2019 - Booth #550 - April 09, 2019 through April 11, 2019
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